Self-conscious about a damaged, discolored or abnormal tooth? For a great-looking restoration without the wait, call 512-358-6962 and ask about dental veneers in Austin, Texas. Our dentist at Wellness Dental can repair and improve your smile quickly, without relying on other, more invasive procedures.

Dr. Francisca Giple-Johnson also invites you to call and find out about Lumineers® treatment. Lumineers are a uniquely designed type of veneer. This ultra-thin restoration can be bonded securely to the tooth without the need for grinding down the original dental structure. Application of Lumineers usually takes two visits. At the first appointment, a mold will be taken of the tooth. The color of the restoration will be matched to your natural teeth. After the mold is received by the DentMat Lab, your unique Lumineers veener will be created, sent to our office and carefully bonded to the tooth. If you have questions about this treatment, reach out to us today!

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