We understand that getting an injection can cause stress and anxiety for many patients. It is common for patients to avoid treatment because they have a fear of needles. We are committed to helping you better enjoy your dental experience!

One of the ways we support our patients is by using DentalVibe® anesthetic. DentalVibe soothes the tissue around the injection site to make the injection painless and comfortable. It is a unique tool that massages the nerves through gentle vibration. This vibration targets the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain and overloads it so you do not feel any pain or discomfort. Research has shown that when vibration and injection sensations happen simultaneously, the brain registers the vibration first. DentalVibe basically blocks the pain signals from registering in your brain. The vibration also helps more quickly distribute the anesthetic once it is injected.

With DentalVibe, you no longer have to be scared of the needle! You will be surprised at how easy it is to receive an injection and get the dental care you need.

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